The sonic toothbrush is safe even for babies

Let's start with the obvious: definitely not every toothbrush (especially electric or sonic) is safe for babies and small children. We tested the one from SEYSSO and we think it is worth recommending. Why?

Sonic vibrations = greater safety

The SEYSSO Baby Penguin toothbrush is equipped with baby-friendly sonic vibrations instead of standard sonic movements - which makes it gentle even on the sensitive gums of babies and toddlers.

This delicacy, combined with the fact that a sonic toothbrush is usually more effective in cleaning than a manual toothbrush, makes it a product that our experts recommend for teeth cleaning and gum massage for children from the first months of life!

Designed without the risk of choking

The toothbrush is tailored exactly to children in this age group - taking into account their developmental needs. It has no small or sharp elements that could pose a risk, and at the same time it is equipped with several features that our experts liked: from the illuminated tip to the handle comfortably finished with non-slip silicone.

Expert opinion

Photo by Aleksander Świebod
Aleksandra Swiebod
Head of the Department of Assessment and Development of Cooperation at the Institute of Mother and Child

Workmanship without reservations. A connection of the handle with non-slip silicone was used, which is beneficial for the comfort of use. Everything matched exactly. The toothbrush is made of materials that are safe for the child's health. It has no sharp or dangerous parts that could pose a risk. Both the handle and the head are well designed. A product tailored to the age of recipients, taking into account their developmental needs. The illuminated tip makes it easier to observe the teeth while brushing and in my opinion it is a hit that is also worth using in toothbrushes for adults. The vibrations seem to be gentle and are not particularly transmitted to the hand. A product necessary in everyday hygiene. It allows you to introduce good habits into your child's routine early on.

What functionalities of the toothbrush were particularly appreciated by our experts?

Gentle sonic vibrations
Gentle on the sensitive gums of babies and toddlers

Safe and solid workmanship
No risk of contact with small or sharp elements

Illuminated tip
Allowing parents to easily assess the quality of washing

Ease of use
Thanks to the silicone handle

Manual development
The need to perform traditional movements while washing develops and helps build good habits

Replaceable tips
They allow you to maintain hygiene and easily adjust the toothbrush to the child's age and needs

Massage and stimulation of the gums
The product is intended for babies, before the appearance of milk teeth

82% of users found the product better than previously used toothbrushes*

*Where does this data come from? From our utility research, in which the product is tested in home conditions. In this case, 36 parents of children aged 2 months to 3 years (18 girls, 17 boys) were analyzed.

What else did the group of respondents appreciate?

High marks in our usability tests were also given to the shape of the product (100% of users rated it as good or very good), the backlight of the brush head (89%), durability and quality of workmanship (97%). All results can be seen on our study website.

Find out what other parents think

We have also published reviews on the research website that may be helpful in making a purchase decision. Here is one of them:

Magdalena, mother of Helena (3,4 years old)
“We had a good time using the toothbrush. The built-in timer is a practical solution - it signals the minimum washing time. We practiced in this way - the first minute the daughter brushes, the second minute the parent. The non-slip handle is also a useful solution, especially for small children's hands.

Ok, how much does such a toothbrush cost?

Visit the store and see the distributor's current offer: