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Toddlers love interactive toys - with buttons, lights and music that reliably evoke children's oohs and aahs from an early age. But how to choose interactive toys that are safe for young children? You can ask us - we have tested as many as seven of them especially for you!

Why do we research interactive toys?

Many parents are afraid of interactive toys for children. Although we know that our little ones really love them, we are often simply afraid of overstimulation with the sounds they emit, which is so much talked about now. That is why, together with IMID, we have been looking at toys from this segment for years - to be afraid of something in products, we must have solid reasons and evidence :)

Our campaign partner is Fisher-Price

I don't think we could have dreamed of a better partner for our campaign than the Fisher-Price brand known to all parents. We subjected as many as 7 of their toys to rigorous tests - to see if the devil is really as scary as they paint him. We've tested tirelessly to make sure they're safe and that the lights and sounds they emit are actually harmful to our children. Inconspicuous, but devilishly dangerous? We had to know!

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Interactive Presenter for the youngest

Shelves in children's stores bend with interactive toys for babies. Educational, musical, encouraging to contortions - how to choose toys that not only really entertain the little ones, but are well thought out and safe at the same time? See gifts for babies that have undergone rigorous tests by experts from the Institute of Mother and Child.

Gifts for babies - are interactive toys a sensible idea for this age group?

As experts, we cannot evaluate the entire segment of interactive toys for children - we can only comment on the products that we took under our expert magnifying glass. There are certainly interactive toys on the market for children up to 1 year old that are inappropriate and can be a threat. The ones that we tested for you for the purpose of this action - turned out to be safe and simply: worth recommending.

Gifts for babies - choose proven products

The efficiency of toddlers can surprise even their parents - that's why toys (interactive, but not only) must, or at least should, be carefully thought out. Small elements, poor quality, too loud sounds can scare or pose a direct threat to a child (e.g. a choking hazard).

Our experts agree: toys for infants should primarily be tailored to their developmental abilities (cognitive and emotional) and directly refer to their skills at various stages of development. When buying a toy, it is worth paying attention to the certificates, e.g. PEFC certificate, EN71, CE mark or our - Positive Opinion of the Institute of Mother and Child. You can read more about markings on children's toys in this article.

What gift for a baby?

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Age range: 6-36 months

Fisher Price Educational Puppy "Crawl with Me"

The interactive toy encourages physical activity - in addition to supporting motor development, it also contains educational content on several levels that can be adapted to the current stage of the baby's development. This is a perfect gift for Children's Day for babies from 6 months of age.


of users evaluate the realistic appearance of the dog very well
Age range: 0-12 months

Fisher Price Educational Sound Mat "Explorer's Cottage"

The educational mat serves the child very well at different stages of development, supporting motor coordination. The product contains additional, separate activating elements, but the quality of workmanship makes it safe to use from the first days of life. It also scored high in our usage tests. 


of users rate all the interactive elements of the toy as very good or good
Age range: 6-36 months

Fisher Price Learn and Laugh! 2-in-1 little driver's pusher

There are many toys on the market that support motor development - this one additionally helps to develop manual skills and understanding cause and effect relationships. The sound and visual effects are gentle yet appealing to children of this age group. Our experts are for it! 


of users evaluate the features of sound programs as very good or good
Age range: from birth

Fisher Price Wydra Usypanka - a cuddly toy that breathes a sedative

A plush toy with a moving tummy imitating breathing - warm, soft light and selected sounds and melodies relax and positively affect the development of the child's sense, touch, sight and hearing. The product can be the first cuddly toy, help fall asleep and create a regular sleep ritual. 


of survey participants rate the sound quality as very good

Expert opinion

Aleksandra Swiebod
Head of the Department of Assessment and Development of Cooperation at the Institute of Mother and Child

When buying safe toys for children, it is worth using brick-and-mortar stores. Even the best product description in an online store will not replace the skillful and foreseeing eye of a parent. Read labels, look for indications regarding the age of the toy user, rely on specialists who, when recommending a given product for children of the right age, know their needs and developmental possibilities.

Interactive Presenter for children from 1 year of age

How many times, when buying a toy for a child, we regretted it less than a quarter of an hour later? Toys with the status "unwanted", "immediately destroyed", or "zero interest" are probably the bane of most parents. A pile of dusty toys and you still don't know what to do with your little one? Grab a piece of paper and a pen or get ready for a screenshot - we have a few suggestions.

A gift for a yearling - development, but also great fun

What attracts us most to interactive toys is that they actually entertain our children. All these buttons, sounds and lights mean that babies can devote really long quarters of an hour to them. Quarters in which you can, for example, make dinner. Drink some (hot) coffee. Or just do NOTHING. Nothing at all. Any volunteers?

Let's buy toys that entertain and support development

No worries, no remorse. According to research conducted by our experts (including child psychologists), interactive toys can have a positive impact on a child's development. Of course, provided that these toys are designed in the right way. As we have already mentioned, we cannot be responsible for the entire market - so we present to you a list of only those interactive toys that we have tested and can recommend for various occasions. Take your pick and have fun watching your little ones kick on the rug with them. You parents - because we are talking about you :)

Watch out for wrong product labels!

Aleksandra Swiebod
Head of the Department of Assessment and Development of Cooperation at the Institute of Mother and Child

Experts from our Institute often receive toys questioned during inspections by the Office of Competition and Consumers for consultation. A good example of dishonesty of producers is the symbol of the crossed out 0-3 mark placed on products that are clearly intended for this age group (e.g. on rattles). This relieves manufacturers of responsibility in creating products that are dangerous for children.

What gift for a yearling and a preschooler?

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Age range: 6-36 months

Fisher Price Learn and Laugh! "Toddler's Tablet"

An educational toy that helps you learn the names of objects and letters, full of cheerful sounds and light effects that encourage play. It will be perfect for children who love "technological" gadgets and like to imitate adults in everyday play.


of users very well (75%) and well (20%) evaluate the voice of the lector and statements
Age range: 2 to 5 years old

Fisher Price Meditation Mouse

Plush toy with calming sounds, melodies and meditation and breathing exercises to help teach relaxation. The thoughtful 3 modes are adapted to the time of day. Undoubtedly, the Meditation Mouse can become the favorite friend of a child around preschool age. 


of users rate the daily meditation program very good and good
Age range: 1 to 5 years old

Fisher Price Little People Cheerful Little Explorer's House

An interactive set - a house with a pool, a swing, a figurine and furniture that can be used for fun inspired by everyday activities. Light and sound points encourage fun. Both the moving parts and the emitted sounds are suitable and safe for children from 1 year of age.


of users rate the quality of sounds and recorded statements as very good.

Interactive Toys - What You Need To Know?

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