Dada Extra Care with Climaflex® technology disposable diapers

The product was created in cooperation with the Institute of Mother and Child

Positive opinion
Institute of Mother and Child

Opinion No .: op-5479/2022

Release date: 29.07.2022

Producer: Ontex Polska Sp zoo

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Documentation assessment: Positive

Expert sensory evaluation: Positive

In-use test: Positive

Overall Rating: Positive

Product description

Innovative design of the absorbent insert in new diapers Dada Extra Care with Climaflex® technology ensures better air circulation inside the diaper, limiting overheating of intimate places. The use of SeconDRY® and Double Lock Layer moisture retention technology, proven in the existing Dada Extra Care disposable diapers, has been additionally enriched with Climaflex® and Wee Zones technologies, which effectively remove heat and moisture, preventing overheating of intimate zones and irritation. Fragrance has also been eliminated from the diapers, minimizing the risk of allergies. They do not disturb the microbiological balance of the skin and the moisture identifier facilitates changing diapers.

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They are available in 6 sizes adapted to the weight of the child:

Newborn 1 (2 - 5 kg)
Mini 2 (3 - 6 kg)
Midi 3 (4 - 9 kg)
Maxi 4 (7 - 16 kg)
Junior 5 (15 - 25 kg)
Extra Large 6 (over 16 kg)

Main features

  • Anatomical shape of the absorbent coreistructure and dimensions adapted to the child and its natural activity
  • Climaflex® technologyicounteracts irritation ensuring effective removal of moisture and heat
  • Wee Zones technology ithe innovative shape of the absorbent channel transfers heat to the outside, preventing overheating of the intimate areas
  • SeconDRY technology ieffectively transports moisture inside, giving an immediate dry effect
  • Inner barrier frills iadditionally they protect against leaks
  • Safe raw materials icertified raw materials free of harmful substances
  • Fragrance free iminimized risk of an allergic reaction
  • Non-woven fabric with vitamin E
  • Protection of the microbiome imaintenance of the natural physiological flora of the skin
  • Colorful prints istimulate the child's cognitive development
  • Wet indicator imakes it easier to change diapers
  • Cut for the naveliin the smallest size newborn
  • 6 sizes iin the weight range from 2 to 25 kg.

Dada diapers are the only product on the market that is created from scratch in cooperation with experts from the Institute of Mother and Child. Specialists are involved in the product development process, as well as in all its improvements. For this reason, we decided to distinguish Dada diapers with the golden logo of the Institute.

Scope of the Opinion

The aim of the study at the Institute of Mother and Child was to evaluate the product in terms of general, health and developmental safety of users. During the subsequent stages of issuing opinions, the safety of raw materials was primarily checked, e.g. through a detailed analysis of the qualitative and quantitative composition of the product. The correctness of the age purpose and functionality of the product were verified, i.e. the practical application and the degree of implementation of the product's functional properties declared by the manufacturer, as well as the level of user satisfaction.


An expert team composed of:

Jolanta Wacławek

Pediatrician in the One-Day Hospitalization Department, Institute of Mother and Child

Emilia Konka

Resident doctor at the Department of Congenital Defects in Metabolism and Pediatrics, Institute of Mother and Child

Maria Krowicka-Wasyl

Resident doctor in the course of specialization in gynecology and obstetrics at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Institute of Mother and Child

Ewa Kaminska

Pharmacologist, Chief expert in the field of opinions on cosmetics, medical devices, washing and rinsing agents and biocides, Institute of Mother and Child

Ewa Lukasik

Chief Specialist for issuing opinions on utility products for children at the Institute of Mother and Child in the years 2004-06.2022

Aleksandra Swiebod

Head of the Department of Assessment and Development of Cooperation at the Institute of Mother and Child


102 people registered in the research panel of the Institute, mainly from the medical, scientific and administration staff of the Institute, who are parents or guardians of infants and children qualified for the study in accordance with the results of expert assessment and study criteria.

Study details

Stage I - Documentation assessment

The first stage of giving opinions disposable diapers Dada Extra Care with Climaflex® technology confirmed the general and health safety of the product for the user group declared by the manufacturer, based on the documentation required from the manufacturer.

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A detailed analysis of the product and the origin of raw materials was performed, including the results of tests from accredited laboratories confirming their safety. The authenticity of the attestations and certificates of analysis in the scope of the declared product characteristics was verified. All aspects affecting the final quality and safety of the product have been thoroughly analyzed. The documentation of labels and instructions for use was also assessed.

Assessment criteria

  • Compliance with the standard
  • General safety and product developmentisecurity in relation to the age of the user
  • Safety of raw materials iincluding their origin
  • Safety of the production process
  • Instructions for use
  • Ecologyiraw materials, production, packaging, recycling
  • Innovation
  • "Polish Product"iThe products are manufactured in Poland, in a production plant in Częstochowa.

Ewa Kaminska

Pharmacologist, Chief expert in the field of opinions on cosmetics, medical devices, washing and rinsing agents and biocides, Institute of Mother and Child

Dada Extra Care diapers with Climaflex® technology are fragrance-free and do not contain any of the 26 most common allergens. Their microbiological purity does not raise any objections and is compliant with the European Pharmacopoeia. The product has been approved and approved for use tests on infants and children.

Stage II - Expert sensory evaluation

The subject of expert sensory evaluation were the product properties of utility and functional character influencing the user's developmental safety and suitability in everyday use.

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The assessment was carried out on product samples by a team of field specialists, based on the knowledge and experience possessed by experts, current research results, guidelines of field consultants and recommendations of scientific societies as well as applicable legal provisions and subject regulations.

Sensory evaluation criteria

  • Appearance iaesthetics, visual attractiveness of the product, colors, shape
  • Product design and dimensions iconstruction, hazardous elements, method of connecting elements, additional elements, product size and weight, adjusting the dimensions of the product to the functional values ​​declared by the manufacturer and the group of recipients
  • Production qualityistandard of performance, finish, edges, fixing elements
  • Sensory perceptionihaptic impressions
  • Securityigeneral, health, development (adaptation of the product to the age group declared by the manufacturer due to the usable features (functions) and the way of handling / use
  • Hygieneimaintenance, easy to keep clean
  • Functionality and comfort of use ipurpose, suitability of the product in everyday use, implementation of the functions declared by the manufacturer, age category, ease of use, operation, assembly, transport
  • Instructions for use irange, affordability
  • Packageimarking, raw material, execution, environmental friendliness, recycling
  • Overall assessmentiexpert assessment against the market category

Jolanta Wacławek

Pediatrician in the One-Day Hospitalization Department, Institute of Mother and Child

The right temperature is needed for the proper functioning of our body. Both overheating and overcooling are not advisable as it causes specific health problems. A diaper that is too thick and tightly fitted can cause this area to overheat. This can be especially dangerous for boys. Male gonads, i.e. testicles, need the right temperature to function properly. The higher temperature caused by overheating can lead to the death of the cells that produce sperm. The effect of this will be a problem with the reproductive potential of a man in the future, and thus reduced fertility. It is worth paying attention to the design solutions aimed at ensuring better air circulation and reducing overheating of the intimate areas.

Stage III - Application testing

The purpose of the third stage of reviewing Dada Extra Care Climaflex® disposable diapers was to confirm the safety of use and to evaluate the product properties declared by the manufacturer during utility tests.

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The product for home use was received by 102 people from the Institute's research panel, mainly from the medical, scientific and administration staff of the Institute, who were parents or guardians of infants and children qualified for the study in accordance with the results of expert assessment and study criteria. At the end of the survey, users completed an electronic questionnaire on product features, giving ratings on a scale of 1 to 5 in six categories. The survey was supplemented by in-depth interviews, extending the opinion about the product, conducted with five randomly selected users.

Product evaluation criteria

  • Design and size fitishape, dimensions of the product and absorbent core, fasteners
  • Aesthetics and sensory perceptioniexternal appearance, colors, external and internal softness, smell
  • Safety of useiskin tolerance, irritation
  • Functionality and comfort of use iabsorbency, moisture release, efficiency, displacement and clumping of the insert, ease of putting on and taking off, getting wet, implementation of the functions declared by the manufacturer
  • Packaging and instructions for use ithe appearance of the packaging, including shape and colors, packaging, accessibility of instructions for use
  • Attitude towards the product and the level of satisfaction with its use isubjective user assessment of product recommendation and product quality / price ratio
  • 97%of respondents consider Dada Climaflex diapers to be very good (70%) or good (27%)
  • 90%of respondents very good (77%) or good (13%) assess the absorbency of diapers
  • 100%of respondents very good (90%) or good (10%) rated the appearance of the diaper
  • 97%of respondents find the diaper very soft inside and out
  • 93%of respondents appreciate the presence and effectiveness of the humidity identifier
  • 90%of respondents very good (73%) or good (17%) assess the impermeability of diapers with elastic bands
  • 100%of the respondents did not notice any displacement of the clumped insert of the diapers

Comments from testers

Anna, Liliana's mother (1,7 years old)

I really like dada diapers, they are absorbent, delicate and do not sensitize my daughter. Changes in the construction against excessive overheating are definitely a plus, especially in the context of skin irritation.

Marta, Maksymilian's mother (1,5 years old)

It's hard to see the changes beyond the distinct circle on the cartridge, but I'm sure it's to the boys' advantage. The diapers are well-fitting, soft, did not leave a mark around the thighs, Velcro holds the diaper well. I didn't notice the soaking.

Aleksandra, mother of Cezary (7 months)

Diapers are soft, do not leak, do not irritate, even after many hours it does not get compacted. I've read that overheating is dangerous, so this is a step in the right direction.

Katarzyna, Tymon's mother (1,9 years old)

They do not irritate, they can last all night. It's hard to evaluate the new "functions" of climaflex winter, but the ass is definitely not overheated. Well matched.

Aneta, mother of Franciszek (6 months)

Very cool diapers, surprisingly thin - and absorbent at the same time. Nothing comes out of the diaper, it adheres well to the body.

Maria, Antoni's mother (1,5 years old)

The diapers worked out very well. There were no sore spots, they never got wet, they didn't fall off. They are small and you can see that they do not disturb the child. Plus, they lasted a long time.

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