Water - choose consciously

Discover the full potential of water. Drink not only to hydrate your body, but also to replenish important minerals for the body. Choose water that is wholesome, tested and 100% safe.

What do we pay attention to when testing water?

Both the quantitative and qualitative composition of water, its nutritional values, as well as biological purity, the content of harmful metals and pesticide residues are assessed. Experts from the Institute of Mother and Child also visit the facility, e.g. monitoring the production process and checking quality assurance systems (ISO, HACCP). Compliance with standards and regulations, packaging safety, innovation and approach to ecology are also assessed.

Why do we test water?

The quality of the water we drink every day is of great importance. Only tests carried out by a group of field experts give us a guarantee that the selected water is safe, and the nutritional and health properties declared by the manufacturer are true.

Native water from Roztocze is recommended by experts of the Institute of Mother and Child

Suitable for pregnant women, nursing women and children over 3 years of age

Not all water is suitable for a pregnant woman

The increased demand for water during pregnancy results from the increasing blood volume, the growing uterus and the needs of the developing fetus. In addition to quantity, its quality is of course important - not all mineral water is suitable for pregnant women.

What water to drink during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, it is best to drink low- or medium-mineralized and low-sodium mineral water. Highly mineralized water (above 1500 mg/l) should be consumed carefully and in consultation with the attending physician. However, carbonated water is not prohibited during pregnancy - drinking it has no effect on the fetus, but it may irritate the gastric mucosa and cause flatulence.

Rodowita from Roztocze is medium-mineralized water, rich in silica, recommended for pregnant women by experts from the Institute of Mother and Child.

How much water to drink during pregnancy?

The daily water requirement in pregnant women is approximately 2300 ml and is approximately 300 ml higher than in non-pregnant women. Water should be consumed in small portions throughout the day, have a temperature of about 15 degrees Celsius and come only from safe, tested sources.

What ingredients can you find in Native from Roztocze water?

Medium mineralized
Total Minerals:
534 mg / l

Contains magnesium and calcium
24 mg/l Magnesium
73 mg/l Calcium

Contains 39 mg/l silica

Suitable for a low sodium diet

Mineral water. No additives, no enrichment

Not all bottled waters are (so valuable for our health) mineral waters. Not all water can bear such a name. Mineral water must not only have a stable composition, but also meet the requirements set out in the regulation of the Minister of Health.*

*Regulation of the Minister of Health of March 31.03.2011, 85 on natural mineral waters, spring waters and table waters (Journal of Laws, No. 466, item XNUMX)

A healthy portion of minerals

The waters differ from each other primarily in the content of minerals - each of them can contain from several to even several dozen (!) Nutrients, so important for the human body. Do you buy water in the store? Check its composition before buying.

Origin matters

What influences the mineral composition of water? First of all, the geological structure of the land from which the water is extracted is specific to the region. Mineral waters are not enriched in any way - depending on their origin, they differ in taste, properties (e.g. pH), as well as the already mentioned level of mineralization. Do you buy water in the store? Check not only its composition, but also its origin.

Rodowita Water from Roztocze is a mineral water, moderately mineralized, with a total of 534 mg/l of minerals.

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