Meaning of the name Nikola: where does it come from, how to conjugate it, how many people have this name?

Giving a name to a newborn child is not only a joyful event for parents, but also a decision that affects its future personality and the way it will be perceived by society. When choosing a name, parents often look not only for a nice sound, but also for a deeper meaning that will reflect the character and potential destiny of their child. On this occasion, parents often immerse themselves in the meanings and history of the names they are considering for their child.

In this article, we will introduce the name Nikola, which, although it may sound modern, has a long and rich history. We will find out where this name comes from, what deep meaning lies behind it, and what character traits are associated with it. We will also show how Nikola is perceived in different cultures and how many people have this name in Poland. Please read on to discover why Nikola may be the perfect choice for your daughter.

Name meaning: what does the name Nikola mean?

The female name Nikola comes from its male counterpart Nicholas, which comes from a Greek word nikē, meaning victory and laos, which means people. In a feminine context, Nikola can be interpreted as the one who brings victory to people and/ or winner. This name carries the promise of strength and the ability to overcome adversity. What else could the name Nikola mean?

This name is seen as an expression courage and determination, which makes them an ideal choice for parents who want their daughter to be independent and strong in character.

Where does the name Nikola come from?

Nikola is a Slavic name that gained popularity primarily in countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece and Italy. Where does the name Nikola come from?

The roots of the name date back to ancient Greece, but over the centuries the name has spread to other regions of Europe, often thanks to the cult of Saint. Nicholas.

Although it is equivalent to the name Mikołaj, it seems to be more feminine in its form modern and universal.

Is the name Nikola considered sacred?

As we have already mentioned, the name Nikola is the female equivalent of the name Mikołaj, directly associated with the figure of Saint. Nicholas – also known as Nikolaos of Myra, who was the bishop of 4th century AD 

However, can the name Nikola be considered sacred? This name can also be seen as having a spiritual meaning. Mainly due to the figure of Saint. Nikola, French prioress.

How many people are named Nikola?

In Poland, the name Nikola is mainly given to girls and is becoming increasingly popular. Nikola is a name that has been chosen for many newborn girls in recent years, indicating its growing popularity. How many people in Poland are named Nikola?

According to the list of female names of the PESEL register, 77 Polish women are named Nikola. It is worth noting that the register also includes: Nikole with a score of 645 and Nikole with a score of 2 entries. [818]

This name is also popular in other Slavic countries, which emphasizes its international and contemporary character.

What is Nikola's character?

Women named Nikola are often seen as independent, energetic i ambitious. They are known for having a strong personality and the ability to face challenges. Nikola is often identified with creativity i innovation.

What else can we say about Nikola's character? People with this name are also considered to be good communicators, which helps them build strong relationships in both their private and professional lives. Their optimism i life energy they often inspire others to take action.

How to change the name Nikola?

The variation of the name Nikola in Polish is relatively simple, because it belongs to the group of names that retain their form in inflection. How to change the name Nikola?

  • Denominator (who what?): Nikola,
  • Genitive (Who what?): Nikoli,
  • Viewfinder (to whom? why?): Nikoli,
  • Accusative (who? what?): Nikola,
  • Instrumental (with whom? with what?): with Nikola,
  • Locative (about whom? about what?): about Nikola,
  • Vocative (about!): Nikola.

When is Nikola's name day?

Nikola's name day is celebrated several times a year. We distinguish most dates here mainly because of their connection with the name Mikołaj. So when can Nikola celebrate her name day?

Nikola celebrates his name day on November 1, in honor of Saint. Nikola, French prioress. As the female equivalent of the name Mikołaj, Nikola can also celebrate her name day on December 6, as well as on May 19 and September 10.

Popular Nikole

Nikola is a name used by many famous people around the world - both women and men. Among the female part, it is worth mentioning: Nikola Gruevska, former Prime Minister of Macedonia.

We cannot forget about the male representative of the name, which he is Nikola Tesla – Serbian-American inventor who contributed to the development of electricity.

In Poland, Nikola is even less often associated with specific public figures, but it is gaining popularity among the young generation who appreciate the originality and international character of this name.


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