The meaning of the name Alexander: where does it come from, how to conjugate it, how many people have this name?

Choosing a name is a very important decision that will have a significant impact on the baby's future life. A name is not only an element of identity, but also a cultural and emotional message that a child will carry throughout his life. In the selection process, parents analyze various names, their origins and meanings, striving to find the one that perfectly reflects the character and potential of their child.

In this article, we will introduce the name Alexander, analyzing where it comes from and what the meaning of this name is. We will find out what historical connotations it has, whether it can be considered sacred and what values ​​it symbolizes. In addition, we will consider its popularity in different cultures and what character traits are usually attributed to people with this name. We encourage you to read on to discover why Alexander is such a valued choice among male names.

Name meaning: what does the name Alexander mean?

The name Alexander comes from Greek Alexandros, means defender of people and/ or the one who defends husbands. It is a name full of strength and dignity, often chosen by parents who want to give their son a name with rich, historical meaning. What else could the name Alexander mean?

Alexander is a name that carries promise courage and protection, making them the perfect choice for a boy in many cultures around the world.

Where does the name Alexander come from?

The history of the name Alexander dates back to ancient times. Where this name comes from and where its fame began is ancient Macedonia.

Its fame began with Alexander the Great, the Macedonian king and one of the greatest conquerors in human history. Due to numerous conquests and influence on the shaping of Hellenistic culture, he influenced the spread of the name throughout the world at that time. However, its popularity has survived to this day, adapting to different languages ​​and cultures.

Is the name Alexander considered sacred?

The name Alexander is known not only from secular history, but also appears in Christian hagiography and is considered holy. Saint Alexander, revered in various Christian traditions, is the patron saint of those who bear this name.

There are several holy martyrs with this name in the Catholic Church, e.g. Saint Alexander of Fiesole, or the Pope Saint Alexander I, which further emphasizes the spiritual meaning of this name.

How many people are named Alexander?

Aleksander is one of the most frequently chosen male names in Poland. According to the latest data, over 150 thousand Poles bears this name. The popularity of the name Aleksander is stable and its attractiveness does not decrease from generation to generation, which proves its timeless character.

The list of male names from the PESEL register indicates that 154 people in Poland have the name Aleksander. [503]

What is Alexander's character?

People with the first name Alexander are often assigned qualities of a leader and strategist, which is reflected in the history of the name (as we wrote about when answering the question: where does the name Alexander come from?).

The Alexanders are seen as people:

  • brave;
  • determined;
  • capable of taking risks.

What other character could Alexander have? These are also strong-willed people, who are not afraid of challenges, which often leads them to take up leadership positions in various areas of life.

How to change the name Alexander?

Although the Polish name declination system can be complicated, Aleksander is declinated regularly, which makes it easy to use in various linguistic contexts. Below we show you how to change the name Alexander?

  • Denominator (who what?): Alexander,
  • Genitive (Who what?): Aleksandra,
  • Viewfinder (to whom? why?): Alexander,
  • Accusative (who? what?): Aleksandra,
  • Instrumental (with whom? with what?): with Alexander,
  • Locative (about whom? about what?): about Alexander,
  • Vocative (about!): Alexander!

An unusual, but very popular diminutive of the name Aleksander is Olek.

When is Alexander's name day?

Alexander celebrates his name day first of all 6 June, but the calendar also includes many other dates that give great flexibility in choosing the day of celebration.

Other popular dates include May 3, May 20, September 13, September 21, which allows people bearing this name to choose the date of their name day depending on their personal preferences or family traditions.

Popular Alexanders

Many famous people are named Alexander. In Poland, the most famous Aleksandrów include:

  • Aleksander Kwaśniewski – former president of the Republic of Poland;
  • Aleksander Fredro – famous playwright and poet.

Alexander Skarsgård, a Swedish actor known for his numerous roles in films and TV series, also gained international fame.


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