Gold Logo. A unique distinction. From us, for the Dada brand!

Every day we cooperate with manufacturers who submit their products for our tests. Dada, as the only brand so far (!), approached it differently - instead of simply submitting its diapers for analysis, it invited us to create them!

Diapers supervised by IMID experts

We knew what our expectations were. Then, almost 10 years ago and now - we have always cared primarily about safety, comfort and quality. A product that the Institute's experts somehow sign with their name must be perfect. That's why, from the idea, through implementation, to continuous improvements, our experts work on the composition and quality of the diapers that babies use every day.

This is how four lines of Dada diapers and diaper pants were created: Dada Extra Care with Climaflex® technology, Dada Extra Care Pants, Dada Extra Soft and Dada Pure Care.

A new level of security

At the moment, there are no other products that would be co-created by experts from the Institute of Mother and Child. In our country (after joining the EU), there is no longer a requirement for any children's products to be tested before being released on the market - not to mention continuous control. Do you expect quality in products for your little one? Want to choose safely? Choose diapers with the Institute's Golden Logo, such as Dada.


These Dada products were created in cooperation with the Institute of Mother and Child:

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Created in consultation with IMID experts

Dada Extra Care with Climaflex® technology

Diapers with an innovative design of the absorbent insert ensuring better air circulation, effectively removing heat and moisture, which prevents overheating of intimate areas and irritation.


respondents rate the absorbency of diapers as very good or good
Created in consultation with IMID experts

Dada Extra Care Pants

Pants make potty training and diaper changing easier while being soft and flexible. Thanks to the SeconDRY® technology, they ensure quick moisture removal, and improved ruffles and an enlarged absorbent core guarantee comfort and protection against leaks.


respondents rate the ease of putting them on and taking them off as very good and good
Created in consultation with IMID experts

Dada Pure Care

Made for sensitive skin, these diapers are free of fragrances, lotions and latex - with a soft organic cotton inner cover. Thanks to the SeconDRY® and Quick Liquid attraction technologies, they ensure quick moisture absorption and, as a result, greater comfort.


users rated the diaper length very well and well
Created in consultation with IMID experts

Dada Extra Soft

Thanks to the anatomical shape and elastic fasteners, these diapers guarantee the baby freedom of movement. The materials used ensure breathability, and the technology of absorbent channels keeps the skin dry. The addition of aloe extract protects your baby's delicate skin.


of the respondents assessed the softness of the inner and outer diapers very well and well

Not just diapers. Discover other brand products recommended by experts

In addition to constantly monitoring the quality of diapers, we also regularly review other Dada products - primarily wet wipes and baby textiles created by Dada.

Dada wet wipes

Our experts regularly check the quality of two lines of wet wipes from the brand - Dada Pure Care Aqua and Dada Everyday. If you use these products and are curious about the experts' analysis, you can check the test results of these products and the assessments from utility tests on our website.

Baby textiles

The brand also relies on the opinion of experts from the Institute of Mother and Child in the case of clothes (baby bodysuits and rompers) and baby blankets, which also have a Positive Opinion of the Institute and are examined by a team of our experts.

These Dada products have Positive Reviews:

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Designed for baby's delicate skin

Dada Pure Care Aqua wet wipes

Safe for babies from the first day of life. They do not contain preservatives or fragrance.
Created with the youngest in mind

Dada Children's Bodysuit

Clothes made of 100% soft and skin-friendly cotton. Snaps at the crotch ensure comfort when dressing and wearing.
Created with the youngest in mind

Baby blanket

Fluffy and delicate to the touch, it has two layers, which is perfect for colder days.
Created with the youngest in mind

Dada Baby Clown

The product is controlled during production, has the Intertek certificate and the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX ® certificate confirming that it is completely free of harmful substances.
Designed for baby's delicate skin

Dada Everyday wet wipes

Designed to clean the delicate skin of the baby's entire body: hands, mouth and skin under the diaper. The fragrance composition does not contain allergens.

It's here! National Layette Examination 2023

Together with the Dada brand, we created a study in which we asked mothers from all over Poland about their layette bestsellers - and definitely more! Sign up for the newsletter and you will receive an e-book with a Practical Layette List in your e-mail box.

We have gathered the experience of parents from all over Poland

We realize how difficult it is for young parents to navigate in the ocean of products for babies and young children. Which of all these items are actually useful at the beginning and which only get in the way? So we asked hundreds of mothers for their opinions in an extensive survey - collecting all their experience, tips and shopping thoughts from the beginning of parenthood.

What did we ask in the survey?

In the survey, we asked about the biggest doubts regarding the layette - from the ideal size of starting clothes, through the purchase of textiles, electronic devices and feeding accessories. We have prepared the results, analyzed by IMiD experts, in the form of a readable (and, of course, free) e-book. Sign up for our newsletter to have it delivered to your e-mail box!

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