Winter with Dyson

The Institute of Mother and Child confirms the health safety of the product recommended for families with children

94% of our users found the Dyson Purifier Humidify+Cool™ Formaldehyde better than their previous product. As many as 70% will definitely recommend the device to their friends. Parental usability studies have always been an important part of our opinion – and we know that our users, including parents, like to rely on them.

smog? You must be sure

Children (especially the youngest) and pregnant women are the most vulnerable to diseases related to poor air quality. That is why it is so important to choose only solutions for your home that you can really rely on. Dyson Purifier's fully sealed HEPA H13 filtration has been proven in our testing to remove up to 99,95% of pollutants - even as small as PM0.1.

Essential when you're building a home

Nitrogen dioxide, benzene, formaldehyde, particulate matter, bacteria, viruses - these are just a few types of pollution that are common in Polish homes. You don't have to leave to get some fresh air. The class of many devices produced today ensures clean air at home - even if you live in large urban agglomerations.

Which air purifier to choose? Get to know the opinions of the Institute of Mother and Child

Autumn with Dyson

90% of our users confirmed the effectiveness of the humidification function

Autumn is a period of increased incidence of diseases - as parents of small children and preschoolers know (probably especially). In the case of upper respiratory tract infections, air quality is crucial. The Dyson air purifier we tested not only eliminates potentially harmful bacteria and viruses, but also provides hygienic room humidification.

Safe (and comfortable) air humidification

The efficient system and 5-liter water tank in the Dyson air purifier ensures continuous humidification - our tests have confirmed the manufacturer's declared ability to work for up to 36 hours without refilling the tank. It's a convenience that every parent will appreciate. The humidification function also received very high marks in the application tests.

Dry, poor-quality air is to blame for illnesses among children

According to Joanna Wacławek, pediatrician at the One-Day Hospitalization Department of the Mother and Child Institute, polluted and too dry air in our homes is one of the main reasons for greater susceptibility to infections in autumn and winter, both in children and adults. A purifier with humidification, which can also remove bacteria and viruses, can simply be a valuable support for families during the flu season - alongside other activities such as being outdoors, drinking black cumin oil or taking probiotics.

Dyson Purifier Humidify+Cool™ Formaldehyde PH04

Recommended by experts of the Institute of Mother and Child.

100% of users rate the effectiveness of the cleaning function very good or good

The device removes formaldehyde from carpets, furniture and floors, benzene and volatile organic compounds, e.g. from cleaning agents, nitrogen dioxide from gas cookers, car exhaust or tobacco, as well as cooking odors, pollen, allergens, bacteria, PM 2,5 suspended dust, 0.1 and the finest PMXNUMX particles.

94% of users found the product better than the one they used before

The device has as many as three types of filters (HEPA, carbon, catalytic) and has the function of water purification through UV radiation. Our tests highly appreciated the quality of the filters used by the manufacturer, and the device received a high note for the efficiency of purification.

97% of users evaluate the scope of the device's operation and the number of functions very good and good

In the tests, we also positively assessed the product's adaptation to the needs of families with children, taking into account a wide range of functionalities - including simplicity of use, assembly or transport, intuitiveness of the application or instruction manual, as well as ease of keeping the product clean.

How did we test the Dyson air purifier with humidification?

Compliance with applicable standards
Security (general, development, raw materials)
Product innovation
The manufacturer's approach to ecology
Safety of the production process
Ease of use

Spring with Dyson

100% of our users positively assessed the effectiveness of the cleaning function

Allergies at home? Are you planning a renovation in your child's room? Our experts (yes, parents in particular!) from the medical and scientific staff who participated in the usage studies rated the cleaning performance of the Dyson highly. And not only in the context of smog, but also formaldehyde, which is in no way inferior to the former, but less talked about.

Essential for allergy sufferers

The product tested by our experts is perfect for allergies in children and parents. The device has not only passed the tests of the Institute of Mother and Child in terms of safety and declared functionalities, but is also recommended for allergy sufferers by the Polish Society of Allergology. So if you have a small (or bigger) allergy sufferer at home, this is a product that is worth considering.

Air purification? Not only smog

Our tests have confirmed the effectiveness of the Dyson device in eliminating formaldehyde. What is formaldehyde? It is worth knowing that according to the World Health Organization, even 50 µg/m3 of its concentration is potentially dangerous to health. What are the sources of formaldehyde in the home? We find it in paints and varnishes, mattresses, furniture, cleaning products, carpets and even ... toys. So if you are parents who renovate from time to time, have a small toy warehouse at home and/or are planning a pregnancy, and you haven't heard about formaldehyde yet - it's worth exploring this topic.

Summer with Dyson

Air purifier and fan in one

“(…) I really appreciate the air humidification function, as well as the option of a breeze as an oscillation of air movement, it was a complete novelty for me.” wrote Magdalena, mother of an 8-month-old toddler who participated in our usability tests. When choosing a product, do you rely on the opinion of experts and other moms? Well, we have both for you.

Refreshment tailored to your needs

In the usability tests, our testers highly appreciated not only the intuitiveness of use (100% of our users rated it as very good or good), but also positively commented on the refreshing function promised by the manufacturer. If you are looking for a fan for the summer and classic fans do not evoke your enthusiasm - buying a device of this class can be a really satisfying solution.

Fan recommended for parents (and children)

The air we use to cool ourselves in the summer does not have to be dry and polluted. More! It shouldn't be. So what about the dust, bacteria or viruses that are in our homes? On hot days, choose Dyson Purifier Humidify+Cool™ Formaldehyde. The fan function is a cool stream of air that is humidified and purified. And the whole device - tested by our experts.

Want to know more about the Dyson humidified air purifier?

Go to the manufacturer's website and read the specification of this device.