Child development calendar


Baby development: week by week

We invite you to learn about the extraordinary world of child development. Our texts were prepared in cooperation with experts from the Institute of Mother and Child to guarantee the reliability and comprehensiveness of the knowledge provided. Thanks to them, every caregiver has access to key information that will help monitor the child's weekly progress in development - from the first moments of his or her life.

By following us through the following weeks, you will discover fascinating stages of your child's development, step by step. Ready for an unforgettable journey that will give you the confidence and comfort of a conscious parent? Get ready for amazing discoveries!

Baby development: month by month

In today's world, full of diverse and not always verified information, it is difficult to find reliable sources of knowledge about the development of a newborn child. That's why we have prepared a series of articles in which we look at the child's development month by month.

Our materials, developed in cooperation with qualified and experienced specialists from the Institute of Mother and Child, offer a comprehensive overview of a child's development - from the first month of life. We hope that thanks to this dose of knowledge, you will better understand a number of unusual changes that occur in your child's body every month.

Child development: year by year

A series of articles about child development year by year focuses on the most important developmental leaps and changes that occur in the subsequent years of a child's life. The extensive experience and passion of experts from the Institute of Mother and Child helped us create a condensed dose of knowledge contained in a series of articles. Thanks to them, every conscious parent can learn key aspects of their child's development at subsequent stages of his or her life. 

With our guide, parents can track key milestones in their child's development and learn typical behaviors and skills for each year of their life. It's a dose of confidence and support in this beautiful, but also challenging journey of parenthood.

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