Caring for a sick child: when to take antibiotics to kindergarten?

22 May 2024

Frequent illness is part of the development of the immune system of most young children, but recurrent infections do not make life easier for parents who usually have various professional commitments. When can a child be sent to kindergarten after an antibiotic, are there any strict guidelines? 

Can a child on antibiotics go outside at all, especially in autumn and winter - after how long? How many days after the antibiotic can you go outside for a walk or a playground?

Can a child on antibiotics go outside?should I wait until the end of treatment?

It is estimated that a child attending a nursery or kindergarten may even go through 8-12 infections per year, that is, our little one is often sick even once a month. However, the infection of infections is uneven - some of them are viral, while other diseases are caused by bacteria, and it is in the case of bacterial infections that doctors decide to prescribe an antibiotic to the child.

It is worth noting that some viral infections are accompanied by bacterial superinfections (eg upper respiratory tract, throat) and in this case the pediatrician may also recommend antibiotic therapy to the child.

Most parents are very interested the issue of staying home with the child. Can a child on antibiotics go outside? This question is most often asked by parents when their child is feeling much better and can't even stay at home, demanding a walk and playing outdoors.

How many days should I stay home after the first dose of antibiotics?

Usually the child after 2-4 days of antibiotic therapy he feels good, has no fever, is full of energy and then you can take your baby for the first, short and calm walk. Can a child on antibiotics go outside, also in the autumn and winter season?

Jolanta Wacławek

Pediatrician in the One-Day Hospitalization Department, Institute of Mother and Child

The expert advises:

Here, the child's well-being and general condition are of key importance - if there is no fever for several days and he feels good, you can take the child for a short walk even when there is a slight frost outside. Cool air perfectly shrinks the nasal mucosa, making breathing easier and improving the child's well-being. 

We already know how many days after the antibiotic you can go outside, but when taking your toddler for a short walk, you should remember about a few important issues, and in case of doubt, consult your pediatrician before going for the first walk.

The child on the antibiotic feels better, we decide to go outside: what is worth remembering?

  • We adjust the clothes to the conditions outside. When a toddler is sick, parents tend to dress him too thickly both at home and for a walk. How many days after the administration of the antibiotic you can go outside, we adjust to the general condition of the child, while the outfit for the walk is appropriate to the weather, not adding additional layers of clothing just because the child is taking the antibiotic.

Overheating is in such a situation very inadvisable, because a sweaty toddler can more easily succumb to the so-called. "winding", chilling in the wind. For a walk, we dress the toddler as we would dress him if he was fully healthy.

  • A short, leisurely walk will be best to start with. Although the child may burst with energy after a few days of antibiotic therapy, let's encourage the child to take a calmer walk, which will not quickly exhaust the weakened child, and above all prevent overheating. Let's avoid walking on hot, rainy, very windy and extremely frosty days.
  • We avoid large groups of people and children. How many days after the antibiotic does the child not infect and can you go outside to other children? In the case of antibiotic therapy used to treat infections of the upper or lower respiratory tract, the child usually stops being infectious about 24 hours after taking the first dose of antibiotic, but this should not determine the decision to go to the playground or playroom for children.
Jolanta Wacławek

Pediatrician in the One-Day Hospitalization Department, Institute of Mother and Child

The expert advises:

First of all, when taking an antibiotic, the child's body is weakened and more susceptible to various microorganisms, which are easy to find in groups of children or adults (e.g. in a playroom, in a shopping mall). Therefore, during antibiotic treatment, we try to ensure that the child has very limited contact with peers. A walk in the park or in the forest will be a much better option than playing in a crowded playground.

When after the antibiotic you can send your child to kindergarten, how many days baby should stay home on antibiotics?

Going for short walks is a completely different situation than sending your toddler back to the facility. How many days after the antibiotic should the child stay at home? As we have already mentioned, both the antibiotic therapy itself and the fight against infection weaken the baby's body, which makes it more susceptible to any new infections. 

It is worth discussing how many days to leave your toddler at home after taking an antibiotic with your doctor, during a follow-up visit after a complete course of antibiotic therapy.

Playgrounds, but especially nurseries, kindergartens or schools are large groups of children, among whom all pathogenic microorganisms spread at a dizzying pace. The decision about when to send a child to kindergarten or nursery after taking antibiotics is not easy, but we should put good baby.

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Anna Milewska

Senior specialist in the Department of Assessment and Cooperation Development, Institute of Mother and Child

Therefore, despite the fact that parents have their professional obligations, it is worth leaving the child at home after treatment min. 3-4 days, although it would be optimal to wait a full week for the child to gain strength and regenerate after the hardships of fighting the infection.

Jolanta Wacławek

Pediatrician in the One-Day Hospitalization Department, Institute of Mother and Child

The expert advises:

When we send a child to kindergarten after an antibiotic, remember to keep giving him a probiotic, and take care of a healthy diet, full of fresh vegetables and fruits, pickles and fermented milk products, rich in beneficial bacteria that support the intestinal flora (e.g. buttermilk, kefir, yogurt preferably natural, without sugar and sweeteners - you can add a little honey to them, but only for children over 1 year of age). 

If you are wondering when you can send your child to kindergarten, nursery or school after taking an antibiotic, in case of any doubts, always consult a doctor.



Jolanta Wacławek

Pediatrician in the One-Day Hospitalization Department, Institute of Mother and Child

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