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Get to know the products with a positive opinion from the Institute of Mother and Child. Read opinions and expert advice. Choose consciously!

Knowledge base

A treasury of reliable information for every parent. Supported by the opinion and experience of the Institute of Mother and Child.
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Pregnancy Calendar

We invite you on a journey together. Week by week, we'll guide you through the entire 9 months of your pregnancy, telling you what's going on with you and your baby during that time. Feel safe, feel confident - all content in our calendar is created by the Institute of Mother and Child.

First trimester

You're pregnant? Congratulations! Check how to deal with ailments typical of the first trimester and how this (still tiny) bean grows, which you will be holding in your arms in a few months.

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XNUMXnd trimester

When can you check your gender? What ailments in the second trimester should be worrying, and what are completely natural? When does your toddler start to hear? Read what is going on with you in the second trimester.

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XNUMXrd trimester

You're doing great - it's the end of pregnancy, it's time to prepare for childbirth. Stay up to date with your baby's development and what is currently affecting your well-being. We keep our fingers crossed!

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Positive-Opinion Brands

Meet the brands that, with the support of the Institute of Mother and Child, care for the safety and comfort of the youngest users of their products.

Positive Opinion

Every year, the Institute of Mother and Child issues over 300 opinions on products for children and pregnant women. Check out the latest products that have received our positive opinion.

How do we give our opinion?

"Has a Positive Opinion of the Institute of Mother and Child" - what does it actually mean? What are we checking? What criteria do we follow when testing products? And who actually publishes them? Read more about the feedback process, and you'll find the answers to all of these questions there.

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